Master Planning
Master Planning

Master Planning

This type of models is usually large in size and with scales ranging from 1:300 to 1:10,000.  They are usually conceptual and used to convey the planning design intent interacting with the general site characteristics, contours, and amenities.  Such models, with scales greater than 1:1000, are of a mass/block format and with concentration on streets, development zones, and site utilization rather than architectural details.  Master Planning Models are normally presented for review and approvals by dignitaries and Governmental agencies.  Following are examples of Master Planning scale Models:

  • Medium to High Density Residential Villas and Townhouses
  • Medium to high Density Residential Buildings
  • High Density Residential/ Office Towers
  • Mixed-use Developments
  • Retirement Communities
  • Entertainment/ Parks/ Water Parks
  • Seaside Resort Developments

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