Interactive / Media Tables / Projection Mapping

When incorporated with physical scale models, Interactive systems could greatly enhance the model by making it more exciting, informative, and clarify its intentions.

There are several methods and systems for interactive models including:

Projection Mapping

Where special projectors are mounted above a model and illuminate the model with lighting effects, images and lasers that highlight traffic patterns, zones, and special areas.  All is integrated by programming to work with the model lighting system and a projection screen displaying project videos and imagery that tell the project story and intentions.  This system is most suited for large size models for which their display area has a high ceiling with structural members suited for mounting the special projectors. This system is not suited for models which require continuous shifting.

Media Digital Tables

In this system, physical models (usually mass models) are mounted on top of a surface of digital screen/s.  The screens are programmed to create lighting effects and colors to highlight traffic patterns, zones, and special areas, as well as lighting the mass models on top when made of translucent material. Normally, the system incorporates digital or projector vertical screens to display project videos and imagery that tell the project story and intentions. Sometimes, this system is augmented with Projection Mapping when more emphasis is required to concentrate on certain aspects of the project. This system is suited for medium size models and is limited by available screen sizes.

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